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CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters

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CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters
  • 1 "elastic
  • Silver metal garter clips and slide adjusters
  • Comfort fit
  • One size fits most, adjustable up to 30 inches
  • Perfect for uniforms and military attire
  • Made in the USA
      Available in: Straight style comes in a set of 4 Y style comes in a set of 2 Stirrup comes in a set of 2
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters
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Item #: JK-299
Regular Price: $10.00
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  • 1 "elastic
  • Silver metal garter clips and slide adjusters
  • Comfort fit
  • One size fits most, adjustable up to 30 inches
  • Perfect for uniforms and military attire
  • Made in the USA

      Available in: Straight style comes in a set of 4 Y style comes in a set of 2 Stirrup comes in a set of 2

Product Reviews for CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters

CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters4RobAugust 12, 2014As shirt stays go these are the best. The wider than standard straps are more comfortable on my leg. The wider design coupled with the mettle fittings makes them more durable to. They are easy to clip on to my shirt and sock and hold on for most of the day. Occasionally I have to reattach them, but no more than any other stays I have used. Overall a good product.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters1KSCApril 9, 2014Garters broke first time I wore them in church. Tailoring on the the foot stirrup was horrible. Obviously no QA management from this company. Had to have them both resewn to be able to use aagain. POOR at best.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5PeteAugust 21, 2013Terrible product! The clips will not stay fastened. Many times, I've had the garters fall through my pants leg and onto the ground. One time it happened during a meeting. Very embarrassing.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5John DotyAugust 7, 2013Great durabillity compared to other brands I have tried. I wear them everyday so they have to hold up...which these do. They are a great value...the price cant be beat.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters2FrankMay 8, 2013Materials are good EXCEPT the clips do not hold well. I've been constantly re-clipping.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5Thomas BrownJanuary 10, 2013I purchased the Stirrup Shirt Stays for the second time. I use them with my referee uniform. They work great. The price is very reasonable.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters3HalDecember 27, 2012Will not stay connected to my clothes ro socks, the material is good and not problems with that but I can not get them to stay connected to anythign.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters1skydudeSeptember 11, 2012Purchased the stirrup style. Stitching at the bottom of the stirrup unravels. I have only found one manufacturer of stirrup style that delivers a quality product, and there is much more expensive. You can say you get what you pay for applies here
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters1Johnny PJuly 3, 2012Well, I like the quality of these shirt stays. The material is strong and should not rip. Unfortunately, the clamps don't stay attached to my shirts. I even tried adjusting the length and tension, but to no avail. It was so embarrassing to have the straps constantly hanging from under my slacks that I just gave up wearing them. For some reason the cheaper low quality shirt stays remain attached to my shirts which is confusing.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters2Kurt SJune 25, 2012I am a Police Officer and wear these on duty. I was hoping they would hold up better than the standard style shirt stays with the clip on each end. I am somewhat disappointed. The clips don't want to stay clipped, I think having two attached to the same strap makes them pull and work against each other, and they often work loose. Unlike the other style, if the clip comes off, you have a "tail" dragging outside your pants and you can't just unclip the bottom and remove it, you have to tuck it into your boot until you can get somewhere private and take the whole thing off. It's also more difficult to adjust them to pull more in the front or rear as you like. These particular items have not held up well, I bought 4 a few months ago and three have broken clips already. I am going back to the individual straps.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5Bill G.May 31, 2012I have purchased Shirt Stays from two other online stores and they cannot compete with the shirt stays that I bought from the Great item at a very good price.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5kswindellMay 27, 2012design is good, but the clips do not work well with socks
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5Arnold W. SchnobrichApril 6, 2012How do you use them? I thought they would have a clip on them and am not sue how they attach to the socks? No instructions came in the package.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5Derek LFebruary 25, 2012Worked great! No issues and had a seamless look at the benefit my wife and I attend. Kudos!
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5Craig DDecember 27, 2011I first found these Y-Shaped shirt stays in 1986 at the BX at Lackland Air Force Base San Antonio Texas. I have worn them since but after leaving the military I was unable to find them. I had a terrible expierence with Galls Inc. and will leave it at that. This is great to have found them again and the price is perfect. I have been wearing the ones I have currently for 10 years now with make shift repairs with duck tape. Thanks
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5NikkiJuly 5, 2011My husband is a police officer and a Marine Vet. We have went thru countless shirt stays. He likes the stirrup shirt stays. He says these are perfect he may have to occasionally sew the seam but as long as the stay connected on the shirt he is very pleased and has asked me to continue to buy them through this company. As far as this company goes I give them 10 stars AMAZING customer service not enough of that out there anymore will order from them solely from now on!!! Thanks.......
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5Scott BeardJune 5, 2011I've been working in a restaurant and I wasn't allowed my usual (which is a pair of suspenders) and yet I was required to wear a dress shirt. What was I to do?! I got myself these shirt stays and they've worked like a dream! They do come undone, occasionally and I had to do some cursory repairs but, most nights, I just clipped it and forgot it. Amazing.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5JCMarch 17, 2011I purchased the Y-style in black. These work very well and keep you looking sharp!
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5KennDecember 29, 2010They surely do the trick, I hate the ballooned dress shirt look and this solves it!
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5DavidDecember 24, 2010These would be perfect for a lot of guys. Unfortunately, they don't work for me as I wear otc socks. The straps are too long for socks of this length but they are a good idea all the same.
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters5EricOctober 24, 2010I work in law enforcement and this is the best I've had. They are very comfortable and makes your uniform look neat.
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CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters
CTM® Shirt Stays and Sock Garters
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