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CTM Women's Magic Scarf Knit Hood Wrap Scarf


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  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Super Stretch Knit Wrap
  • Hood and Scarf combined
  • Can be worn as a regular scarf

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Women have been known to discover even more creative uses for MIA. Use MIA around your waist as a belt accented by a cute broach! The amazing thing about MIA is that it is woven to stretch. Created in the form of a long tube simply pull the scarf long and the tube narrows making this a beautiful soft LONG SCARF. Pull the tube wide enough to fit over your head and wear this as a silky warm HOOD SCARF combo. Pull the tube wider and slide MIA down over your shoulders to wear it as an adorable SHAWL. Accent it with a sparkly broach on your upper shoulder for a classic beautiful warm winter look. For a truly easy warm cute style - start with MIA in the long scarf style - fold it in half - put it around the back of your neck - and then bring the ends to the front. Put the loose ends through the folded end and wear it is a cuddly soft NECK SCARF with your winter coat.


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