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Perry Suspenders UBEE Shoulder Harness with 1911 Gun Holster


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  • Made of Elastic
  • Harness material is heavy duty elastic with plastic platform; holster is molded from a durable, resilient blend of proprietary impact-modified nylon
  • Harness width is 1.5 inches and adjusts from 47-67 inches long; holster paddle platform measures 5.75 x 4.75 x .75 inches; size 03R / 03L
  • Harness is X-back UBEE style with leather back patch, plastic hook-ends and adjusters; holster has a patented SERPA Auto Lock technology that combines immediate access with unparalleled retention
  • The harness and holster are right handed; the holster allows you to draw the weapon normally with the index finger sliding from holster body to weapon frame in one single movement
  • Made in the USA

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The Colt 1911 holster with or without rail, can be removed from its' platform and screwed onto the harness platform to be easily concealed and carried under the arm. The current paddle platform on the holster can be attached to a belt if you choose to use it that way. The harness suspenders go on like a vest and clip onto a belt for a secure and comfortable fit. This holster has a molded finger groove that guides the index finger from the holster to the weapon in one swift, single movement.


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