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      The BeltOutlet Blog — kids travel accessories

      Holiday Travel Essentials + Tips 2023

      Gray suitcase filled with holiday greenery and flowers, decorated for the holidays
      The Holidays can be one of the most wonderful time of the year. The process of packing and traveling can be another story. Here at BeltOutlet, you are covered with a wide range of travel accessories. Whether you're traveling to visit family or going on a getaway, keep reading to see our travel essentials and tips! 

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      Closet Hacks for Storing Small Accessories

      Organized closet
      Go above and beyond with your spring cleaning this year and add organizing to your to-do list! It’s easy to let your closet get messy and cluttered in the busyness of life, but with the right methods, you can utilize all your space and keep it clean. We’ve put together some simple closet hacks to help you more efficiently store small items like belts, hats, scarves, and shoes!

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      9 Ways to be More Sustainable

      Planting a sprout
      It’s more clear than ever that the climate crisis is here. To conserve the Earth for future generations we need to become more sustainable, and there are everyday changes you can make to help. In honor of Earth Day we've gathered some tips to become more sustainable.

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